Thursday, January 6, 2011

5th January 2011 (बुधवार)

नमस्ते! Namaste!

Thank you very much for voting in our poll and subscribing on YouTube to our humble lessons. We are already working on your requests. I would like to say a special thanks to Mr. Angus from Scotland who have sent an e-mail to us telling why he wants to learn Hindi. I would really love if you could also share your reasons of learning Hindi. Please comment! 

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These days the weather in Delhi is extremely cold. We use heavy blankets, heaters, wear sweaters and drink lots of tea.
Today a poor woman came to our house asking for spare clothes for her grandson. I still can't get used to "gareeb log" (poor people). I hope they will all become rich soon by some miracle. OK so that's that.

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I am a little bit startled about some English word usages in India. That is actually very funny, because the real meaning of these words is this:

Healthy = fat ("You've become a little healthy...")
Weak = thin ("Eat something! You're becoming weak!")
Mature = old ("These ladies are so mature and still wear jeans.")
Smart = dresses in a somewhat fashionable Western way ("He is a smart boy, she should definitely marry him.")
Innocent = stupid ("My father was always very innocent.")
Too good = very good ("Anu: I passed my exam!
                                      Monu: That's too good! Congratulations!)
Only (Q: Where is my Hindi dictionary?
          A: It's on the table only!) = ?
Golden hair = blond hair ("She is so beautiful, she has golden hair.")
To terminate the light = to switch off the light ("Terminate the light!.)
To off the light = to switch off the light ("Please, off the light in the kitchen.")

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Thank you for reading! Dhanyavaad/Shukriya and Namaste!


imcesar said...

Thank you for the blog and lessons. I decided to learn Hindi as a part of my overall goal of learning multiple languages. Hindi was actually a short notice choice as I am more interested in learning a language in which there are many people around the area to speak Hindi with. Also, as a major language of the world, Hindi may help me with travel in the future.

CrazyLassi said...

Thank you for the comment. I think you made a good choice. Hindi is one of the most spoken languages. If you learn Hindi, it will also help you to read and understand some Sanskrit, you could converse in Urdu, understand Punjabi and many other India's dialects. If you learn Devanagari, it will help you learn other South Asian scripts like Tibetan or Thai. I wish you best of luck with your learning and please leave your comments and requests so that these lessons become better. Thank you!

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