About This Blog

"Learn Hindi Free" is a blog for those who want to learn Hindi language free. I, the author of the blog am originally Lithuanian who has married an Indian and moved to India in 2009.

My husband and I in Rajasthani traditional attire in Jaipur, Rajasthan 
The "YouTube" Channel

Due to my wish to learn Hindi fluently I started my YouTube channel "CrazyLassi" where I uploaded Hindi slides with my husband's voice in order to learn Hindi. I would at first study Hindi myself, then prepare a list of words or a set of grammar rules, would record the audio and listen to it myself. 

Aim of This Blog

This blog is meant to support the YouTube videos and contains their transcripts. I use a number of books to write blog posts and you can read about them in Best Books and Websites to learn Hindi. 

My Language Learning Ideas

As a language fanatic I have lots of ideas on how a language should be taught and therefore I try to experiment and use those ideas in my "lessons". I think it is possible to learn a language by listening, learning phrases, reading (even if one doesn't understand) and learning from examples. I love examples and I hope that example phrases and sentences will help you work out the rules by yourself.

The Easiest Language of The World

Hindi speakers think that Hindi is the easiest language in the world, similarly how native English speakers think that English is a relatively easy to learn. Hindi is a lingua franca in the Indian subcontinent and due to a large wave of migration from other states to UP and Delhi, as well as the influence of Bollywood many speakers of other Indian languages can as well understand Hindi.

Who is this Site For?

This site is for those Indians that are willing to learn Hindi and for foreigners who are interested in Hindi or India. Although these lessons are created by a non-native Hindi speaker, they are recorded by one.

These Hindi lessons are dedicated to complete beginners with no previous knowledge of Hindi but can also be used by anyone for reference. The "method" used in this blog and YouTube channel is called Teach Others While Learning Yourself. 

For someone serious about Hindi learning this site might not be appealing because the Hindi is taught by a foreign student. However I would like to make it appealing for someone serious about Hindi while constantly updating and improving the style of the course.

For Hindi Teachers and Students

If you are a Hindi teacher or student, I would be more than happy if you could correct any mistakes that we left out or offer your suggestions and comments that will make this blog a reliable Hindi language studying source.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any CD ROM I can buy ?
Many thanks .

CrazyLassi said...

No, we don't at the moment.

mcpant said...

please change the word बहार to बाहर

Jojo said...

thank you so much for sharing your interest and knowledge with us- this is really going to help me in my quest to learn Hindi. The pronunciation is very clear and by repeating it slowly I can properly hear it. You are very kind - thank you

Unknown said...

Hello CrazyLassi,

I’m a Marketing Manager at Tuttle Publishing. I very much enjoyed reading your site and was wondering if you might be interested in collaborating with us. We publish Elementary Hindi, which is one of the top Hindi textbooks in the US as well as a handful of Hindi phrasebooks and dictionaries. http://www.tuttlepublishing.com/language-books/hindi . Given the content of your site, your readers might appreciate book reviews. I can send you whichever of our books you like to take a look at. (I saw that you already publish book reviews:). Alternatively, if you would like to run a giveaway, I can arrange that as well.

Please let me know what you think.


CrazyLassi said...

I would sure be interested in this project. Let me have a look at your books.

Meera Sharma said...

Nice resource!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. A very good start for beginners.

Anonymous said...

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Hindi Script

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

as a foreigner who is trying to learn Hindi I think your website is amazing... I was so looking for something like that... It is structured in very nice way and I think particularly for westerner students it will make more sense as it's done from perspective of a foreign learner. Well done!!

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